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T12 Burst Fracture

Started by Brian KE on 02/05/2017 3:09pm

First off thank you for taking the time to read my post. If you're feeling like I am right now, I certainly understand the strength you're using just to read this. I'm 9 days out of T10-L2 fusion. I came out of the gates strong and was up and walking just a couple hours after surgery. I limitedmyself on the pain medication because I didn't want to get hooked on pain meds again. I'm starting to give in to my doctors orders and taking my meds as scheduled. The worst part about this is playing the fall over and over in my mind everyday since. It has my anxiety pretty high that I'm more concerned with that than my injury. I'm getting pretty depressed about it but I'm doing my best to get myself back again. I'm looking for anyone with similar experience that wouldn't mind sharing on how they handled it. I certainly don't want to take pain medication forever. I'm trusting my Doctor right now but really we know our body better than any doctor. Just someone to talk to would be nice as I'm a good listener as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy the super bowl if that's your thing!

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Hi, Brian KE--thanks so much for sharing your story! When you are involved in trauma of any kind, it's common to replay the situation over in your mind--and that can certainly result in a lot of stress. We're sorry to hear about the anxiety you're experiencing.

The connection between spine pain and anxiety is an interesting one. Many people develop new back pain as a result of underlying depression or anxiety. While that doesn't appear to be your situation, the anxiety you describe could end up worsening your mid-back pain or delaying your surgery recovery. We think you'd find the content in our Mental and Emotional Therapy Center ( Depression is Connected to Back Pain ) interesting.

We think lots of people can empathize with the anxiety you describe-and we hope others reply to your post with their experiences. Thanks again for sharing your story. We wish you the very best of luck!


Maybe anxiety is the wrong choice of words. I'm scared I'm gonna move wrong, something snap and I just won't be me again. I fractured a vertebrae years ago and I pushed it off as back pain. Apparently after this incident I found out about it. It healed on its own. I was airlifted to the hospital and from that point was put on pain medication and really did t understand all that was going on. I wonder if this could have healed on its own. I fear I won't be myself again. I'm told to move around but then I was doing to much. Told to take my pain meds and I just feel it hinders my recovery. I have a follow up in a week. I want to be able to run again. I just do t know what's gonna happen and if you questions doctors too much then your an asshole.