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Lumbar Fusion of L4 L5 S1

Started by Clarkie on 02/02/2017 4:43pm

My wife had the fusion done in September after ER admission by neurosurgeon on call. He was not our choice, as insurance fought us for 3 months delaying the surgery time and time again. Thus, it led to led to the emergency fusion by a neurosurgeon we did not know but my wife needed it done. She had terrible pain and muscle spasms post-op and still has trouble walking with nerve and sporadic pain even after physical therapy. Her mobility is still very limited and she struggles day after day. New x-rays and cat scans show nothing leading to her existing discomfort. Some sciatic pain is now returning at various times depending on how active she was the day before. I am at a loss and have no idea if this is the best she will be or what. We do have a ortho-neuro appointment 2 months out by a very good doctor, but according to all the other neuro docs, that the hardware looks good and nothing seen that should be causing the awful nerve pain. I will take any great advise as we are at the end of the rope. Thanks a million for any help.

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My neurosurgeon would not let me go to Physical therapy after fusion because we are able to do more harm than do. The only thing I was able to do is walk, and water classes or swimming. I could use the hot tub. I took arthritis classes at the YMCA and very gentle classes.

Pain management maybe able to offer her help with this. I just posted this to someone else but my biggest help has been through them with the nerve root ablation.

I bulged the disc right above my fusion a few months after and was right back down. :( ugg its not fun at all. Maybe just start over from square one walking a few feet and increasing doing all the correct thing and making sure to take all the anti inflammatory meds to.


Hello, and thanks for taking the time to post in our Community. We are so sorry to hear about what your wife has been through. We know it's tough on you, too, as you want to relieve her pain but feel helpless.

We are thrilled to hear you have an appointment scheduled with a skilled spine specialist to help get to the bottom of what's going on. Our best advice for you is to make this appointment work for you; that is, come prepared with questions, information about your wife's previous procedure, a list of treatments used (meds, PT, etc.), and detailed information about the pain she experiences (it might even be worthwhile to start keeping a journal with notes about how her pain changes from day to day). The more information you can give to this new doctor, the better chance he or she may find a solution for you and your wife.

Here's a great article about how to get the most out of your time with a spine specialist ( Spine Surgeon Tells Patients How to Prepare for an Appointment ). We hope it's helpful, and we hope your upcoming appointment is the start of something good for you and your wife. Keep us posted on how things are going.


Dear Mr. Clarkie...I know first hand how discourging it is to know that there is something extremely wrong with something in your body , but have a doctor or the m.r.i. reports claim they can't find the problem because the same thing happened to me!!!! The person that did my m.r.i. report found nothing , but my future appointment with my neurosurgeon who did my disc surgery found my slipped disc!!!! So DO NOT GIVE UP JUST BECAUSE THESE DOCTORS AND PRIOR TESTS HAD NO FINDINGS .....In fact my neurosurgeon was ticked at the fact that the m.r.I. reporter missed it because he said they do it all the time!!! At your new appointment your doctor will go over his findings with you guys!! LET'S FACE IT YOUR WIFE ISN'T MAKING THIS UP SO SOMEONE HAS GOT TO FIND THIS ISSUE!! AND TO the first girl to comment to your post ....my advice to you is to read people's post more carefully as this gentleman wasn't looking for exercise and treatment advice or wanting to know what people do for their back pain , he wants to know how in the world his wife could be so debilitated and in pain but no one knows what her diagnosis is!!!!! And may I say what a sweet and determined husband your wife has to be so concerned about her health that he writes to others for advice about her health concerns!! You are one gem of a husband! Good luck to your wife I hope she gets the treatment she deserves and can at least get a more tolerable life health wise!!