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Posted in: Back pain.

stuck in the middle

Started by Sally Francy-Si... on 02/01/2017 11:00am

I was injured on the job 2 1/2 weeks ago - I hurt my lower back. I was seen by a W/C doctor who sent me back to work with a 30lb weight limit. Needless to say I can't do the job, and I have tried. I am seeing a physical therapist , and the pain has not decreased and is now radiating to my lower abdomen. After 2 nights of no sleep I called and requested to be seen for the additional pain, Ha ha, they said that if I had abdominal pain I need to see my family doc. Ha ha again as I have a back injury my reg doc won't see me. So here is the issue . I have low back pain, radiating down the left leg and really hurting in the left hip, now I have left side abdominal pain, physical therapy seems to think that more stretching will solve everything. Look, I'm in pain, no one seems to listening to me, I can't do my job, I feel like no-one believes me when I say I hurt, is the abdominal pain related to the back ? I say yes - what does everyone else think?

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Thanks for your post, Sally--we're sorry to hear about what you're going through. It's extremely frustrating when your gut is telling you something is wrong, and you're not getting the acknowledgement you deserve.

When we read that you're suffering from low back pain and radiating leg pain, we immediately thought of sciatica. Of course, only your doctor can tell you for sure if you have sciatica, but you might want to check out our Sciatica Center-there is a wealth of good information there ( Facts and FAQs About Sciatica, Low Back and Leg Pain ).

Your abdominal pain could be related to your back pain-but a test would confirm that. Have you talked to your doctor about any imaging scans that might help you get to the source of your pain? Abdominal pain shouldn't be ignored, and we hope you find the answers you need.

We encourage you to keep asking questions, and to reach out a different medical professional if you believe your pain is not taken seriously. We wish you the best of luck!


Success ! Well sort of - Finally they have ordered an MRI stating that I must have some sort of degenerative issue that will void my W/C claim - oh, imagine that. But the good news is that I will maybe start to get to the bottom of the pain situation. Of course he left me on my 30lb weight restriction and sent me back to work - "because the only thing to do for back pain is to stretch the back out, so work is a good thing " - even if the pain is so debilitating that I cannot do it ?!


I am so sorry you are miserable. I truly know everything you are feeling . First do not give up ! You are really just beginning the healing process. I have been dealing with back issues since 1998 and it is not fun. Its very important you do what the PT and Doctors say. Are you using ice and or heat on your back? You can"t just do it once you need to be consistent with it. Also are you using an anti inflammatory ? This is very important. You need to take it as prescribed almost around the clock. Please know that PT walking movement is very necessary especially if you want to get better.
I hope things start getting better but as I said it takes awhile.