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Posted in: Back pain, and Spinal fractures.

T8 fracture

Started by Acceb on 01/30/2017 7:04pm

Been going to the gp complaining of back pain for over two years including pins and needles in arms and legs, loss of feeling in legs when driving, constant pain and inability to sit for long periods of time and digestive issues, linked to accident, doctors failed to act and only when I insisted they take X-rays a few weeks ago have they found an "old" fracture in my T8, have a follow up app tomorrow to discuss this further.

What should have been done?
If this was spotted at the time of the injury what would have been done?
Has anyone else had a similar issue ?
Should I insist on further tests to get to the very bottom of the cause?
Could this be causing my digestive issues?

Any help or insight much appreciated! :)

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Hi, Acceb--thanks for sharing your spinal fracture experience. We are glad the fracture was detected, so you can get the treatment you need the reduce the pain you've dealt with over the years.

In terms of your questions around how a doctor might have evaluated your pain and identified its underlying cause, we thought this article ( Exams and Tests for Spinal Fractures ) provided a good overview of the diagnostic approach used by spine specialists for the type of fracture you describe.

We hope the article helps and that you get some additional answers in your follow-up appointment!