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Disc bulge lumbar

Started by kayiranga on 01/27/2017 7:47am

Hello Dears i have a back lumbar pain which may be a result of a degenerative disc disease and my entire body is very weak especially in all joints and also on my neck.

Please advise what i can do

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Hi, kayiranga. Thanks for your post!

We're sorry to hear about the back and neck pain you're experiencing. From what you describe, your spine pain sounds widespread-and that must have a real impact on your quality of life. You mention weakness, which is a neurological symptom that warrants the attention of a doctor to better understand what's at the root of the problem. Have you met with a spine specialist to discuss what you're feeling? If you need help finding a professional near you, SpineUniverse has a great resource ( https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe... ).

In most cases, low back pain can be relieved nonsurgically. You note degenerative disc disease, and we think this article will help you understand some treatments that you might discuss with your doctor. ( Degenerative Disc Disease and Low Back Pain ).

We encourage you to meet with your doctor-ideally a spine specialist-to get to the bottom of what you're experiencing, so you can get the right treatment plan and on the road to recovery. We wish you the very best!