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Posted in: Back pain.


Started by Trying to stay ... on 01/23/2017 2:39am

Hi, I'm new to this site and was wondering if anyone has ever been ordered to have an fce before spinal surgery? I am under worker's compensation and being seen by a worker's compensation doctor and have a herniated disc at l4-l5 level and the doctor had scheduled surgery back in June but cancelled it because they refused to pay for it, since then I have had another injection, 2 before that. And also 7 visits to aquatic therapy and some previous land therapy. Now The Doctor Sent Me For An FCE Which My Attorney Told Me I Had to or my benefits would be stopped. I am now in excruciating pain and have been for 4 days since the fce and don't have an appointment with my orthopedic doctor for 2 more weeks. I'm not sure what they are up to. But I certainly hope they don't think I can return to work this way. I am walking with the assistance of a walker and even went to the fce on a walker. I am so confused.

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What is an FCE?