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Nerve Cysts on Thoracic Spine

Started by StitchinFool on 01/18/2017 12:23pm

For about a half a year, the middle of my spine has been achy, sore and painful -- maybe no more than Level 3 or 4 -- but enough keep me from doing some activities, etc. Had a myelogram ( have an Occipital Medtronic Stimulator for former rotten under-the-skull headaches so they couldn't do a normal MRI for me). It found several ( 4 to 6 ) nerve cysts ... also called diverticuli by the radiologist. NOBODY wants to do anything about them -- or seem to be concerned. I guess there isn't much to be done -- except just to live with them??? Any thoughts from anyone on these 'nerve cysts' from anyone out there.? I guess mine are not large enough to be worrisome -- nor are they leaking. Unfortunately my cysts just happen to lie next to my former (6 years ago) rotator cuff surgery area.... and I ?think? it is irritating the area. I'm guessing of course. It hurts whether I am dormant or whether I continue to quilt, or move -- so I keep moving as much as I can. I'm almost 75 -- so I know to keep moving is better for me. Needless to say, it affects my sleep habits - placing me on my sides too much -- affecting shoulders becoming overly sore -- affecting more osteoarthritis. Growing old ain't for sissies my friends.... I must not whine, as I'm sure there are many more with more than I ... it's just been such a painful set of years since that rotator cuff surgery.....

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When I asked why not drain the cyst that appeared on my spine I was told that these come and go. In my case its a case of spondylolisthesis where the L5 slips over the S1. I am due for a lumbar fusion at the end of Jan. A mere laminectomy in my case will not help is what I was told by the surgeon. I now waddle while I walk painfully with a cane or walker since I work.


Thank you for your response. I apologize for my late answer. I, too, am hearing that the cysts will 'go' when they are ready. I also hear nobody except the guy in Texas will touch them (forget his name) since the cysts lie so close to the spinal cord. I am sorry you are in such pain. Since you wrote you have had surgery in January I will hope that little by little this will improve your circumstances. Again, thanks for your response.