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Spinal cord stimulater

Started by Norma Jean Barr on 01/16/2017 2:34pm

I would love to hear from any one who has one

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What would you like to know about the spinal stimulator? I had had the Boston Scientific brand implanted in 2012. I have lower lumbar stenosis. I convinced myself during the trial that the permanent one would work better. However, I was so wrong. The only relief I had was to what little pain I had in my legs. Which was not the problem for why I went in to the pain clinic. After the surgery, I had the stimulator recalculated several times. The only way that I could get any relief was to turn the regulator so high that it felt like I'd been hit with a taser. After about two years of no success with this Boston Scientific stimulator, I gave up. Now I'm stuck with all this medal in my body that goes with the stimulator, I can no longer have an MRI. I took a very, very bad fall three months ago that should have had an MRI for proper diagnostics. But that couldn't take place because of the stimulator in my back. So now, I'm trying to get by with not only my back pain, but because of the fall I have total numbness in both of my hands. Which are pretty much useless and this time. Now until I can get this stimulator removed, I can't get the much needed MRI.

So, you of course, have the freedom of your own decision. But, I am ever so sorry that I ever went to that pain clinic. I regret getting the stimulator implanted immensely. I have a tens unit that worked before the implant, and still works better than the stimulator ever did. At least I can put the tens unit pads where I need them. Bottom line is I personally do not recommend a spinal cord stimulator for lower lumbar pain.