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Posted in: Back pain.

Visual aura following back injury

Started by SamSKC on 01/06/2017 1:22pm

Six weeks ago I fell down a flight of stairs and fractured my transverse process L1, L2 and L3 all on right side. I now have sciatica (symptoms on the right) and I get quite regular involuntary jolts/violent twitches of my body (left leg and left arm mostly).

I've had two migraines before in my life about 10 years and 12 years ago and both were accompanied by visual aura. Today I had a third and it appeared suddenly and the visual aura was the worst I have had. I had a large blind spot in the middle and to the left of my vision and accompanying nausea.

I've done some searching but I cannot find much material pointing to a connection between my recent injury and the latest migraine. Plenty of material online relating to cervical injuries but not lumbar. Has anyone here experienced anything similar (migraine and visual aura) following a lumbar injury?

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I would definitely see an eye doctor immediately, as these symptoms could indicate more serious issues from your fall! Please let us know how you're doing. Best wishes!


Thanks for your reply - I'm meeting with the spinal surgeon next week so I'll bring it up with him and maybe get a referral onward if necessary.