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Sever pain after scientific stimulator

Started by Teresa Miner Wilber on 01/05/2017 9:41am

I had a Boston scientific stimulator permanent implant put in 6 days ago. I awoke in the most server stomach pain I have ever felt. I was told that my stomach nerve was hit by a lead on the way by that has irritated it. I screamed for 12 hours. The doctor pushed so many drugs trying to control my pain that my blood pressure was 50/30. She final gave adivan to just knock me out. The next day the pain lasted 8 hours and so on. Now I have "episodes" a couple times a day, so that part is getting better but the pain is so bad even a minute of it is awful. But from the time this all started the area where the stomach pain is the worst my skin is raw from knees to under my breast, all along side of hip. That part has gotten worse. The smallest thing touches anyplace in that area and if feels like 100 bee's are stinging me. I can't get doctor on phone, only the nurse that is being ... Just weird not really answering question. The nurse while in hospital said she had heard of this happening but never seen it. Doc said it is so rare that why she never even said it could happen. Thing not adding up. I'm scared permanent damage has been done to stomach nerve. Its like nobody wants to tell me. A nurse said they had to shove the leads in ,so when I asked the doctor I was told that they did have to. That there wasn't enough room along my spinal cord for the leads and she had Noway of knowing that before hand. I have been sent home on little pain meds since nothing would help pain in hospital. Doctor said to practice breathing like I'm having a baby as I hyperventilate with "episodes" the pain is so bad. Now I'm suppose to have it turned on tomorrow and nobody can tell me how it will affect this inflamed stomach nerve. If that's what it is because I'm so scared its permant damage to my stomach nerve and I'll have to live this way. Please help. Has anyone experienced anything similar. Sever sever stomach pain after permanent Boston scientific stimulator
Thank you for any ,even smallest of detail that could help me. Please pray for me as its like I'm passing a kidney stone all the time while bees sting me ,oh and then you add my back pain I even had this for and the normal pain from has surgery to implant it. So desperate..

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