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L5 herniation for 3rd time....already had a fusion at L5 - S1

Started by Corny Signin on 01/01/2017 1:11pm

Wow... so if anyone has any ideas what comes next please reply. I am Kinda desperate.

So 2005, I had a disectomy, and stenosis, for a L5 herniation. all went well, 3 months later, boom pain returned.

In 2006 I had a spinal fusion at L5 - S1, Again everything went well, however i have suffered some damage to my cauda equina nerve. MRI in 2010 showed no signs of issues, and good healing.

About 3 years ago, pains in my leg returned, pins and needles, mobility gradually decreasing all those wonderful symptoms we all dread.

Anyhow, recent MRI shows that L5 has herniated again. It was never replaced at the fusion.

So what happens next, anyone had a similar experience.

I cant see how steroid injections will work, how will they get to the site if it is part of the fusion?

I don't get to see consultant until 6 Feb, so feels like a lifetime away

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