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Facet Injections L5 S1

Started by Christine Lussier on 12/14/2016 12:27pm

I've had my second Facet injections about 2 weeks ago every since I'm in more pain then when I started this trial the first set I heard him say he hit the nerve my legs instantly became extremely painful and hard to walk . The headaches started November 22nd and haven't stopped no Matter how much Tylenol I take it doesn't touch it I'm scared somethings went wrong I have to walk with a cane because my legs hurt so badly starts in my lower back and shoots Down to my leg I'm in so much pain my legs shack when I walk and now my vision is going blurry. When I went back to my pain clinic he forgot I was there for my third injections and suggested the radiopathy something to start December 28th I'm scared to do them and need advice . When he did my MRI of my back and neck he said he could try my L5 to repair the tear but my neck he couldn't do cause there's too much damage and the degenerative disk disease is to far gone too much damage ! My last visit he didn't do the 3rf injections like he was scheduled to do but then suggested he'd try my neck. I'm seeking a second opinion somewhere else . I'm scared the damage is already done but don't understand why these headaches are so bad and won't go away and I'll be stuck walking like I'm on a trampoline unsteady and in pain . I need advice !

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