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drug test

Started by Sarah Erwin on 12/13/2016 10:14pm

Does your neurologist drug test you? I have been seeing my neurologist for migraines, carpal tunnel, arthritis in my back, and neck for 8 months and have never had a drug test from her before. Well, something weird happened today. Went to my regular neurologist appointment for my Percocet refill. My doctor was out of state for a family emergency. So she was having her narcotic pain med patients have their PCPs write the script for us. Well, my PCP denied it because I am prescribed gabapentin, and Tramadol with her. She says she didn't feel comfortable doing this. So.. I call my neurologist office, and tell them my PCP denied it. They called my PCP and they said my PCP has dropped me from getting tramadol from her from now on, and that my neurologist will more than likely be fine with all of this.. and just give me a few extra Percocet a month or something. Anyways.. I dod not realize I was under contract with my PCP.. I do not remember signing anything.. And also had no idea that gabapentin, and Tramadol are narcotic? So here's my question.. While all of this was happening it left me 2 days with no meds at all. I have left over Hydrocodone from a cyst removal a couple months ago. I took one yesteday, and half of one today. Would my neurologist drug test me because she thinks I am lying to her about my prescriptions? I told her I was taking gabapentin, and Tramadol when I first started with her. I really hope she wrote that down somewhere because I am constantly in pain. I have no odea what I will do if she takes away my meds. I wouldn't have taken that hydrocodone if she wasn't out of the office.. She's never drug tested me before? Am I being paranoid? Definitely learned my lesson. Tell all doctors every thing! And just tough it out if i cant get my meds :/

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