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Numbness/tingling in left arm and leg and Headaches

Started by Cody Dillman on 12/01/2016 2:22pm

I was rear-ended in an auto accident on September 22nd. Ever since, I've had headaches every day. It is not a matter of IF I will have a headache, but WHEN will it begin and how bad it will be until I get to bed at night. At first, it was just regular symptoms of a concussion and will go away eventually, but it hasn't. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor just after thanksgiving, and it was impeccable timing because I really started to notice nerve symptoms on my left side the week of thanksgiving. My left arm to my fingertips has slight numbness and tingling, my leg is the same and is painful to walk on. My neck is also the same and the numbness and tingling sensation also goes up my face at times. All the while, the headaches have not receded. I go to the doctor and tell him my symptoms. He tests basic reflexes, normal. He notices muscle tension on my left side. He prescribes anti-inflammatories and a muscle relaxer, which helps the knots in my back from compensating my left side. He advises physical therapy and orders an X-ray(normal) and tells me that an MRI is up to my decision. I decide not to, hoping the X-ray would show something and that my physical therapist would never better insight. The nerve sensations are increasing. I'll see my physical therapist soon. Everyone I talk to says I absolutely need an MRI because it sounds like my sciatic nerve is being affected. Should I urge my physical therapist to recommend an MRI? This is all on car insurance as the headaches arrived with the accident and have not gone away.

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Definitely get an MRI - x-rays just do not show enough to clearly diagnose nerve problems. And you should document your current condition for insurance purposes! Did your doctor recommend both a cervical and a lumbar MRI? Hopefully so, since you're having neck and leg symptoms. Keep us updated on your progress! Best wishes!