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Posted in: Back pain, and Pain management.

Looking for solutions - lumbar arthritis following lifting injury

Started by 7even on 11/13/2016 6:35pm

Back in '05 I was a little out of shape and decided to lift a couple of extremely heavy beams in my back yard. I had construction experience and knew how to lift heavy objects like these but being out of shape, I didn't have the muscles to support what my mind thought I could handle.

Halfway up, I felt a weird feeling in my lower back. I almost blacked out and it scared me. I went into the house and leaned backwards and to each side with no issue. But when I leaned forward it was like a knife was thrust into my back. I knew I had done something bad. The pain became horrific over the next 48 hours and transitioning from sitting to standing was terrible.

Over the course of a few days and with some painkillers I was able to move around again but my back wasn't the same. I would have periodic flare ups that would immobilize me. Just a year and a half ago an MRI revealed that I had some bad arthritis due to that injury in my bottom vertebrae right above my pelvis.

I'm only 36 years old with 4 daughters and would like to maintain an active lifestyle with them but I'm lying in bed right now in a great deal of pain.

I've tried chiropractic, exercise (I'm in pretty good shape), ibuprofen, yoga, and I'm looking to see if anyone in the community has had a similar issue and found something that works really well. I don't want to waste time with half-measures, I'm considering steroid injections, laser surgery, and stem cell treatments. I'm wondering if there are alternatives that I haven't considered yet.

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