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SI Joint disjunction 5 years after L5S1 fusion

Started by maggs on 11/11/2016 3:15pm

About 5 years ago I under went spinal decompression and fusion on l5s1. I results were very successful. 100% of my leg, hip and back pain was eventually relieved. Only major negative was that I was left with severe restless leg syndrome that I currently have to take medication for. (Ahhhhrg...more medication) Recently some major back and hip pain has returned only to find now that my SI joint is "stuck" and the periformas muscle is very angry i.e. -SI Joint dysfunction. I have been seeing a pain and spine Doctor. I've had 2 injunctions into the joint and muscle with only temporary relief. Unfortunately I am now on 24 hour extended release Morphone. Any thought from anyone. Has anyone has success from chiropractics? I have had an uncessful round of PT. I have been told more stabilization surgeries are not the answer since it will only cause more problem in my spine above the fusion. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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