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hey i'm new

Started by heartain4certain on 10/28/2016 8:14pm

Besides being new. I was wondering a few things.

1. Why do my doctors say they can only prescribe 2 tramadols a day? I have found most days I need 4 I just don't understand. I'm early on in my diagnosis and treatment tho i've been suffering for years and never realized it was a spine problem always thought it was muscular. I have had Mri's and I have a lot of problems in my cervical spine. bulging discs stenosis arthritis mainly from c4-c7 this has made my arms fairly useless for any kind of strenuous use. wake up every morning both arms numb. I've been on a lot of gabapentin for some time and now my new near surgeon has told me to reduce my dosage of that by 1/6th even tho it gives me more relief than the 2 tramadols he wants me to take. I just don't understand. If i'm fairly stable on one med but wants me to take this other one but doesn't want to let me take enough to be effective it's like WTF?

2. Does anyone know why i've been told that i can't start physical therapy till I get an emg? the egg appointments aren't till december. Just seems like I'll be blowing over a month to start to get relief.

3. I've been prescribed meloxicam (mobic) everything i've read is you shouldn't take that if you have high blood pressure which I do. I have been taking linospril for like 2 months and it's better but still often in the 150's over 90's the neurosurgeon never asked me if I was hypertensive or on meds. Never had to fill out the standard medical history you usually have to do when seeing a new doc.

anyways if anybody has any advice it would be greatly appreciated

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