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central herniated disc c5 -c6 with annular tear central disc herniation @t c56-c7

Started by a lot of pain1 on 10/24/2016 12:40pm

I have been in a lot of pain after falling I had an MRI /CT scan done and it revealed that i have a central herniated disc and annular tear as well as deformity of the thecal sac.
At this point I can't pick up my right arm and can barley move my neck and my shoulder because of the pain.
My doctor wants me to see pain managerment but at this point I don't know if thats going to help me I think it will only mask the pain I think I could be wrong but if i can barley move my neck and my shoulder I'm not sure about the pain managerment I'm taking things now that is not touching the pain.......

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So sorry to hear of your painful situation! It sounds like you may have some misunderstandings, as I did initially, about the role of a pain management doc. This physician will access the cause of your pain by ordering any additional imaging, nerve conduction tests, epidural injections, etc. Then he/she will discuss with you all of the options for treatment, including (if appropriate) surgery, physical therapy, traction, epidural injections, alternative treatments and/or pain medications. This doctor can pull together all of the pieces and suggest your best treatments. It is definitely worth the visit to clarify your situation. I hope you find the answers you need - keep us up to date on your progress.