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Posted in: Back pain, and Pain management.

Steroid injections

Started by Barbibia on 10/22/2016 3:22pm

Hi.I am new here,but been read a lot.Got first spinal injection almost two month ago.Didn't do nothing good ,so the pain management guy ordered the other one.I have no info on what kinda injections he made.He never gave me any paperwork after that.Well the second one,was something about "four" point injection.I was thinking that I will die on that bed,table or what the hell was.He gave me a paper to gill oit what I am gelling in the next five hours and told me ti to at shopping,to walk a lot.Hell,I couldn't stay up,throwing up right after get out from that room.In that paperwork who he gave me said it"Bili Lumbar 3,4,5 n BB",Marcaine 0.25%.Well,I don't know what he did there,but I had three round stiches,at the fourth triyng I heard him saying just"ops,what's wrong".And that's all,he left.So,I got this injection,injections on Tuesday.Today is Saturday.More pain tjan I even had before.Throwing up,couldn't stay up.With every day sience I got more weack.Can't sit down,can't stand up..No fever,no red signs around injections spot.But it is something wrong.I am like a zombie,trying to walk around the house.Dizzy like a hell,pain,and felling like I am felling down if I don't have something close to help me.Did somebody from you,folks have this symptoms ?

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