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Infection on surgical implants

Started by Sparkleyes505 on 10/17/2016 6:01pm

My daughter has had a single level spinal fusion surgery at L5/S1 due to a pars defect that slipped. The first failed. She had it redone and the second was successful fusion. However, during second procedure the breakaway top of the screw dropped into the body cavity, so she had a third surgery to remove the top of the pedicle screw left behind. So, she has had 3 surgeries in the same location. Now she is left with pain the same or worse than she had to begin with. She has had some blood work done looking for inflammation. There were three indicators looked at and all three were within normal range, but at the very top of the normal range. One surgeon is beginning to think there is an outside chance she may be experiencing some late onset infection at her surgical site, but she has no tenderness or any other typical sign of infection. So high end blood work ranges, and ongoing pain. Anyone on here ever experience something similar and ever have it turn out to be infection? Just wondering how rare this pattern would be. I'm thinking with her having been opened 3 times it is a legitimate possibility. Her fusion is complete, but she is still in pain. It is a one level fusion. Thoughts? Possibility it may be infection?

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