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Returning to work

Started by Stevenc on 10/11/2016 9:09pm

I have been reading many of the other stories with folks who have had spinal fusions. I had a spinal fusion on September 1st from L3 to S1. I was hoping to get back to work next month day but can barely get through a half a day without the pain returning. Both in the back and especially in my right knee. I really need to get back to work for financial reasons s and am considering changing jobs. I am a registered nurse but feel like I need to find a work from home position just to get through this. Wondering if anyone else has done this as well.

One post I read on here the person talked about depression. When you are out of work due to the extreme pain even prior to surgery, and after, it has to be the most depressing time of my life. Reason is because there really is no life while going through this. I am sure many others feel the same way.

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I had ALIF surgery 3 weeks ago, so although I am not ready to go back to work yet, I have been thinking about it. I am a nurse too, in the community. I have 2 hip replacements also so am wondering if I need to think about a change.
I can understand the talk of depression- I am feeling low due to pain/surgery and feeling useless when my husband is having to work hard and do everything at home too. ( although he is happy to do it so I can heal) Boredom is a big problem as I hate being stuck at home. I am still feeling quite lot of pain and fatigue. Hope you have been able to make some plans for the future.