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Herniated disc/degenerative disc

Started by Bluetiger on 10/11/2016 10:17am

Hello out there. I have been dealing with a bulging disc since December 29 2015. I went to the doctor on Jan 4 and found I have this issue. Was also diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I have undergone physical therapy and two injections. I was given Tramadol the last visit in case I had returning pain. I have had pain, at times the medicine helps, other times has no effect. I do have bouts of pain that leave me in agonizing pain. Especially when I wake up. Does anyone have any recommendations? Or should I see if one more injection will finish this thing off? I have a nerve that is effected by the chemical dripping from the disc.(what the Dr. says) I do exercise to try to keep my back strong. Some days I don't even make it to the gym. My pain level is not as severe as in the beginning, but is still there. I suppose basically I just need some advice on what step to take next. Thank you

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Also at beginning I was prescribed norco and told to take naproxen. Have been given steroid pack most recently( finished about three weeks ago). Seemed to somewhat help but side effects made me sick(bad cold) my pain is slowly getting better but I'd think after 9 1/2 months it would of healed by now :(