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Spinal fusion hardware

Started by Sherrick on 10/08/2016 4:27pm

Hi I am 35 year old female who was diagnosed with caudea equina syndrome . My first surgery was feb 2016 where they fixed the buldging discs that were causing bowel and bladder dysfunction and drop foot on both feet ..short time after surgery it happened again and I went in for the second emergency surgery had l4l5 s1 fused , cage , and a barrier put in around the nerves that control the bladder Bowel, also bone graft , autograft ect. This surgery was April 2016 .. My back is making loud popping , grinding squeaking noises like a rusty hinge new X-rays showed hardware ok but the pain and the noise is awful my husband is shocked on how loud it is almost like something is just going to snap..can anyone please tell me this is normal ..my fusion was only on one side ..I asked to come off all pain medication to see how I would do it's been two months have more bad days with pain then good I'm so young and where I live not a lot of big hospitals or specialist to ask..any info would be great I love this site it's helped me a lot since the past few months ..thank you

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