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Degenerative Disc Disease L5, can it be from an old accident?

Started by tgriffen on 10/04/2016 5:01pm

I am currently suffering from partial paralysis and my doctors can not find etiology and seem to be heading to an idiopathic diagnosis. I am wondering if this sudden onset of within just within a month could be due to a trauma from 1988 and maybe something was missed back then? I already know there is a mass in my brain caused from that accident. I'm told this degenerative(moderate to severe) disc disease I have is normal for my age 49. There has been an EMG came back normal. Prednisone helps seemingly rapid and I am wondering if a spinal tap is recommended to rule out other disease and syndromes? Any help is great at this time as the new symptoms of sleepy arms presents me with all four limbs becoming paralyzed sometimes for several hours each morning. I have been observed with progressive paraplegia and also paralysis due to peripheral nerve disease, also observed as bilateral autonomic neuropathy , yet no official diagnosis so the physical therapist can not begin to treat this unknown syndrome I have. I fall when not on Prednisone and all limbs go back to sleep when not taking prednisone. I had to take it from my prior years step downs and still had some leftover pills(how I got them). Anyone else out there with similar symptoms? I also have some disc bulging above the L5

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