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Posted in: Back pain.

L4/L5 pain moved to my Left leg HELP

Started by MrsCroz on 09/29/2016 8:12am


I am a 31 year old woman, I was in great health, I would do workouts every day, walk my dog for an hour twice a day, mom of three active kids etc. (very active).

I fell down a flight of stairs in July 2015 and hurt my back but seemed ok. Fast forward to August I did a workout and then could not move, I was unable to walk for about a week, went to a doctor who's English was not too great and he told me after x-rays that my L4 and L5 bones were crushed together and the cushioning in or around them was worn away. I'd eventually become paralysed but until then nothing they could do.

The pain did eventually go away (mild pain in my back on and off but all was good again).

September 2016 I awoke with crazy pain in my back, I waited a few days but the pain got stronger, I went to a new doctor and had another x-ray and was told pretty much the same as above, L4 and L5 spine bones damaged along with the cushioning and it is trapping a nerve. Not a lot they can do but if I loose feeling in my legs come back in (something that is not likely).

Feeling heart broken that I am now can't sleep without waking in pain every toss or turn, unable to chase after my 6 (2 year olds) in the dayhome I run r walk my dog, do anything with my kids until the pain is gone HOPEFULLY. Well a week later I was feeling a bit better and chanced a open air museum with my kids, 4 hours of walking later I am in so much pain, I walk like I have a peg leg and am sure people think I have one too.

The next week the back pain subsides (is still there but not as bad, but now my left leg feels Like it ran a marathon by itself with no training. The calf is in crazy pain and I can actually feel the vein in my leg just a string of pain all the way to my toes that feel frozen cold all the time (even to touch). I try standing on my toes (my doctor suggested that is how I see if I can use my legs) I can do it on my right foot I can't even lift my left foot a tiny bit and when I hold myself up and do it the minute I let weight onto the leg it falls back down. I struggle down stairs am in pain toe to tailbone and it's been 3 weeks. I know this is nothing compared to a lot of your pains but I am in tears feeling like this is now my life, and it's over!

Please Help! do I need to go see my doctor again? Is there anything I can do? Please please help

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You definitely need to see an orthopedist or a neurosurgeon. Ask them to order an MRI - That's the best way to identify what is actually going on and determine what can be done to relieve your pain! I hope you find relief very soon...let us know how it goes!