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Sacralization of S1/S2 - is this what's causing my pain?

Started by ronicone on 09/25/2016 7:42pm

Greetings all,

I've been living with severe, very localized pain in my S1/S2 region. It's been over six years. I think it started after I recklessly did yoga and pilates at home. And thanks to mossy stairs, I've slipped and fallen hard on my back/butt. MRI's have revealed that I have sacralized S1/S2, with a remnant disc.

Or course, I realize that sacralization (or LSTV) doesn't cause pain in itself. But I believe this is where the pain's located. So far, images haven't revealed any obvious fractures or damage. (I did have a damaged disc at L5/S1, and last year had a fusion there - but the surgery did absolutely nothing for my pain. It was the wrong location.) I've also tried nerve ablations (both lumbar and sacral), and scores of other treatments - from prolotherapy to floatation tanks, etc.

My doctors are stumped, and now telling me to live with the pain. They're recommending either a morphine pump or spinal cord stimulator. But before I do something like this, I really want to uncover the source of this deep, severe, chronic pain. If they find the smoking gun, I can either find a fix, or at least know that there's really nothing that can be done, and give up this search.

Has anyone else had chronic pain located in their S1/S2 region? I'm desperate for help. Although I've done everything I can to live with the pain, it's destroyed my career. I can't sit or stand without stabbing pain. Next week I'm going to ask my doctor about getting extension/flexion x-rays ... but if anyone else has already been through this rabbit hole, I'd be grateful to hear their story!!

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