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Results after Removing Spinal Hardware at L4-5

Started by Sunnysided on 09/18/2016 1:27am

I had spinal fusion XLIF procedure done on L4-5 20 months ago due to spondylolisthesis with nearly a 40% shift. Fusion good after 6 months and CT shows no problems with hardware. However, approximately 8 months after surgery lower back became very stiff when trying to bend over. It has only gotten worse. I am on the thin side and my surgeon mentioned I may be part of small group of people that benefit from having hardware removed once the fusion is complete. My question is whether anyone has done this, not because hardware is damaged but having chronic stiffness? I also was told that the bone does not grow back where screws were once located. I do not understand that and our discussion moved on before I could ask again. The doctor said there are no guarantees and maybe a 50% success rate of relieving the stiffness. Apparently there are no drawbacks in trying this besides normal concerns with surgery but reading stories on this forum makes me thing otherwise. Appreciate any response since cannot find anyone who has had this done for stiffness. Thank you.

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