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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

3 months post op L5-S1 PLIF pain & nerve issues

Started by Coloradospondy on 08/23/2016 6:56pm

I had a PLIF done on May 19th. I woke up with numbness in my toes on left foot. Over time the numbness spread from my 3 outer toes all along the outside and bottom of my left foot. It also goes up the left side of my calf and leg. Along with the numb feeling my foot is has pins & needles, zapping like pains and some times my toes ache. While feeling numb the foot is overly sensitive to touch. It's a very difficult feeling to explain.

I also still have pain in my back to the left side of my spine. This pain has been getting worse. Now I also have pain occasionally on the right side. If I stand for a long time, like taking a shower, the toes on my right foot start to go numb.

I never had any numbness in my foot prior to surgery.

Has anyone else had problems with numbness/nerve problems like this after surgery? Wearing a sock or shoe is miserable. Or problems with pain slowly getting worse after surgery? Neurologist did an EMG and said the nerve issues are coming from L5. Surgeon is having me go in for an MRI.

At this point I'm regretting having the surgery done. I initially hurt my back as a kid and have lived with back pain from pars defects/spondy for 40 years. Doctors have been telling me for 20 years to have surgery but I waited until the pain was so bad that I couldn't work anymore. I'm used to handling a lot of pain and getting back to work after surgery. I had a knee replacement done a few years ago and only took a month off of work to recover from that.

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