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Robotic surgery

Started by cg8152 on 08/18/2016 7:24am

Hi I am new to this site. I have lived with sciatica for almost 10 yrs. I was an avid cyclists, worked out, worked, and went back to school. When I had my first surgery for sciatica. I was still in a lot of pain. He didn't address a herniated disc. My second surgery was done by a very compassionate doctor. I herniated my discs in the healing process. Sciatica killed me sitting., and sleeping. I was able to work. 4 days a week, and take 2 meds.. I refused to have another surgery. I was able to walk, work, barbecue, and dance with out any back pain, or sciatica. I love to dance. I was going to classes for Salsa, and going out dancing all the time. Life was finally fun, and good!
I live in MI. Only one doctor does the state of the art procedure robotic. less invasive, because the muscle is moved. I was told I had DDD. Needed a building block off of my nerve. The word fusion was never mentioned. I would never, ever would of had this done. I was told I would feel better in 3 weeks, a little back pain. I know to always get a second opinion, and not to trust the % of pain relief. She, and the PA were liars!! I spent the whole month of March in bed. No back pain, but back spasms. So many more complications. Come to find out. 8 hour procedure. She removed my discs, and fusion. I only needed a quick 2 hour clean up. I confronted the PA. Here response was you signed off. Omg! You deceived me, took advantage, and made a lot of money! I stayed in bed, and only drank water, and taking my meds. I still have DDD. Not only do I still have sciatica. I have severe back pain. I don't know if anyone experiences this. My back pain one day might be a throbbing pain in my back. Yesterday the horrific pain was in my hips. What is going on. She said I would absolutely be able to dance again. I told her I finally found my passion. No! My back kills me. I am very depressed. I can't work the hours like I did before. I feel like I am going through a slow death! Does anyone feel this way?'Sorry so long!:-(



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