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T12 hemangioma 11milllmeters

Started by Debra Cease on 08/14/2016 2:49am

Back on Oct. 2014 I had a MRI for pain I was having every time I would be cooking. It came back with a well-circumscribed intros sous lesion measuring 11 millimeters is noted within the T12 vertebral body.
I am now beeing treated for a bad C-Spine. At my last doc.visit
I told them I could not take the pain no more. It is killing me 24/7
And to top it off . On the out outside there is numbness about the size of a softball. When I tryed to tell them about the MRI. I was told that the pain was from my C-Spine.
At this point with the pain getting so bad that I sometimes wish I could smash my toe or something just to take the pain away from my back. I am very limited on what I can do.
Has anyone ever been told that the pain in the middle left side back is from the C-Spine ?

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