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Tips for multilevel lumbar fusion surgery

Started by 180291704659457... on 08/01/2016 1:09pm

Hello, I was diagnosed with DDD (protruding disc at L3-4, bulge at L4-5 and a rupture at L5-S1) in July 2015 after an episode of pain where I was unable to move. The previous five years I had been in and out of hospitasl with episodes but this last one I did not recover from. My doctors recommended lumbar fusion. In all my research I did not find any information on how to successfully recover from the surgery. So that is my goal today... to get something out there that will help people have as good an outcome as possible. By the way, I am 46 years old. My surgery went very well and my recovery is in process and am doing well.

1. Raised toilet seat with handle bars
2. Two grab bars for shower (one to get in and one inside to hold onto)
3. Shower seat
4. Flushable wipes
5. Reacher grabber
6. Walker
7. Cane
8. Non skid socks
9. Slip on shoes
10. Sock aid
11. Pillows to put around your body and between your legs for stability
12. Rent a hospital bed for a month (approx. cost $230)

Pain Management:
1. There will obviously be pain after surgery. Keep up on pain medications.
2. Get moving as soon as possible and as often as possible. Staying in bed hurts way more!
3. Walking helps relieve pain or discomfort especially in the middle of the night.
4. The graft site hurts way more than the surgical site.
5. Icing is good but using it more than a couple of minutes at a time can irritate nerves.

1. Eat a low fiber diet while on pain meds to keep things moving. Fiber naturally slows down in the large intestine! This will help avoid constipation.
2. Increase protein. Protein helps bones grow! And may help with pain.
3. Eating yogurt puts good bacteria back in your system after antibiotic from surgery.

Stretching is very important! When you are able to do this it helps very much with getting things back in shape.

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