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Started by adairhallman on 07/28/2016 1:28am

HI to all who have back problemsl. I have had kiphosis since i was 12 yrs old.. I was given a back brace and all the boys made fun of me. I played tennis and was ranked in the state and the south and in ngreat shape. I ignored the brace and hid it in the girls bathroom almost everyday.
I am now a mom at 38 and have a 8yr old and 3 yr old.. I taught french for 10 years. Ny back started really hurting at the end of college. After my second year teaching, i started yoga which really seemed to help. I was diuagnosed with add and the meds seemed to make back worse and tughter but I was truly out of it without them. I kept enduring the pain, working my bottom off, and starting with a trainer, acupuncture and yoga. By the time i was 27 my back hurt so bad I had to quit teaching for a year and all add meds. I felt alot better but i had to work! I got a new job teaching 3 levels of french and 2 levels of bible and coaching 3 sports. I also got married that year of 2005. It almost killed me.
I found Vladimir CHubuinsky, he is a famous russian who did gravitational gymnastivs with me and my spine straightened two degrees! They told me i was ignorant to have babues but i was fine, WITH THE FIRST. WHen I got pregnant with the second my body fell apart. My hips were weak and baby was spitting up in my uterus. ALl the wieght was hifted to my left leg causing my leg to explose iwth blood vessels and i draggedmy leg (bc we had to move and my husband never helped). I ripped my whole left hip. When I had my sweet daughter, she came out beautiful smiling. God knew I needed to be rewarded fro all the hell i went thoguh! Its been 3 years and since then I have had my body f=go down hill. My add and depression have heightened, I am fprgetful, and i now have found out from my physical that my t7, t8, and t9 have collasped with fractures . I mnpow have osteoperosis. I have done yoga and all sorts of crazy expensive doctors and do not have time anymore. I have two kids who need me and my husband does not even care. Everyday I feek like a hundred knifes are wedging in my back but i pray for jesus's strength and know through his power maybe one of you guys knows the best surgeon? Help Please ! I beg you! I can't stand it anymore. I have to take lots of adderall and dexidrine everyday kjust to function normally and be a good mom and not feel the pain. By 4-5pm I am dying and want to aly on the floor from the pain. I was starting to drink everynight from anxiety and the pain but now am having such hard times with my husband who has celiacs and is probably a bit nuts and verbally abuse. SO NO MORE alcohol. I have to keep it together. I can do all things through CHrist who stregthens me but I NEED A SURGEON. Its time to fix the back! ANy suggestuions>>>
God bless each of you and i know we will all find the answer, we need to look up to HIM and he is ready to answer you and never leaves you

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