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Sever Pain after Chiro... Adjust!!

Started by Sever Pain on 07/17/2016 6:28pm

I went to Chiro... Monday because after moving the stuff At the house,I had a stiff neck and sore low back pain and he adjusted me & then took exrays... I had a little pain that afternoon & then Tuesday I went back in a little pain and he said that my X-Ray showed that; my C1 was (L) and my C2 was right my neck was curved and my hips were twisted and tilted.. That's what was causing my pain. So he adjusted me again ... Felt a little better... About 30 min after I left, I was in bad pain !! He said that it was normal and it just from the adjustment... ICE , Heat, rest , ect... So around 4pm Tuesday,
I called and talked to one of the ladies, and she said it was normal & if I wanted to come in a get him to check me I could . We decided to wait & suck it up till Friday.( my next appt) went in Friday and Described all my Symptoms and how much pain I was in... Couldn't hardly walk... He said agin it was normal... He used the instrument on my back that vibrates & loosen the muscle, then adjust my hips agin and the my back , neck, and between my shoulder blades.... Still I had no relief , buy the time I paid the bill ... It was even worse... He said go home rest, ice , heat ect.... No help.... I was in so much pain Friday afternoon @ 3:30 I was crying... I called them back and reminded them I had broke my tail bone in 2 places before and that I couldn't walk, turn, head , shoulders ect. Pain from the root of my spine at the base of my skull down both legs... Along with other symptoms... Same response ;" that is normal " so iced and heat ... All night and all day yesterday and I was getting worse... Called. Med Access and they said they would see me, but they really couldn't do anything for me... So Wade took me to the ER last night!!! The ER dr said I had sever swelling and inflammation and that was putting pressure on my spinal column and causing all the symptoms.. For me Not to go back to the Chiropractor.. Follow up with PC in 2-3 days... I'm sore, can't walk much , pain , headaches, spasms, ear pain& ringing, Have numbness & pain in arms, and little electric shocks that run down neck to feet as well as head, and hands & fingers, feet , toes cramping up .. Can't turn head much ... They Gave me a cortisone , Toradol, and flexeril shots @ ER & RX for Cataflan & flexeril... Still the same just some swelling gone down... So yea... I'm not going anywhere... The pain from riding in the truck is too much... So needless I'm little pissed...@ Said Chiro... LOL... I'm scared & in pain ... Anyone think they know what's going on?

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OMG -- I would go to a neurosurgeon immediately!! That does NOT mean that you have to have surgery, but a neurosurgeon can order an MRI to see exactly what is going on! Pressure on your spinal cord is serious! Please do not wait - tell the neurosurgeon's office that this is an emergency. If you can't get in right away, go back to the ER and try to get a referral for a consult with a neurosurgeon there in the hospital. Tell them exactly how much pain you are in (scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the worst possible pain) and that you cannot walk. And PLEASE do not go back to a Chiro unless your neurosurgeon clears you! Let us know how you're doing - we care!


Hi all, I'm a 44 year old female...

BonnieRae; thank you for your quick reply!
My pain scale 8-10 , I have an appointment
Tomorrow @ Neroligist!!


Hi all... Sever Pain here!! Went to the Neroloigist today... He is going to do an MRI Friday... Then they sent me to the ERjust to be safe... ER did X-rays and Blood test and said that they think I've strained/ sprained the muscles in my back...
So sent home ... Will go back Friday and have MRI done...
I don't understand why I have burning in my coxisis area..
Will post again when I have more news!! Thank to you all!!