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chronic pain

Started by 5mazy1810 on 07/13/2016 2:40pm

I am a 64 year old retired worked in nursing homes for 20 years and other physical jobs.. It has done a number on my back,
I had back surgery about 15 years ago. I had screws 6 and a fusion in my lower back. I was having alot of pain going down my legs. The pain went away after surgery. Now I have pain in my back lumbar spondylosis I have tried everything shots therapy
I do not want any more surgery. I have had my knees down shoulder replaced. I have other medical problems too. I have asthma
high blood pressure osteoarthritis . I am now having some shortness of breath had some testing done 1 more test to go.
I do not smoke but I live in a building that people where people can smoke but we are going non smoking next year. I also have
fibromyagia. so I have double the pain. But I still try to do the things that I want to do. I try not to give into the pain. I don't
want to be in my bed all the time. So I try to fight it. Somedays it's hard, But I believe in God and he helps me alot.

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