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Posted in: Back pain, Chronic pain, and Sciatica.

Insomnia - back pain driving me bonkerz

Started by Tostada on 07/02/2016 3:15am

Hi all, My first post here.. I need help Im on the edge here. I hope to help others eventually avoid what Im dealing with. Here goes:

I was 24 years old and was delivering roofing shingles. My crew was going too fast trying to beat sundown. I was on the roof running back and forth with 115lbs bundles of Landmark TL shingles. I had to make a sprint at one point to catch a bundle of shingles that was going to fall off the roof. I didnt want it to drop the 2 stories and possible kill someone so I caught it arms outstretched. My low back got tweaked and the work comp doctor told me I would be fine that I was young and healthy and would be back on my feet in a week good to work. After a week I did not feel "fine" to return to work and ended up taking a month off.

This was a relatively new job and I had just gotten my life together from a 7 year addiction to heroin. I had taken 2 years to get clean and build myself up in life and I was muscular, full of energy, and so grateful to be clean, sober and free, I liked my job too. So I willingly went back to work after that month however my low back just never felt the same.

A few months later I could kind of tell that my back was not improving but it didnt seem to be getting worse either. I still exercised a lot (other than work) and just kept myself built and strong. I worked 50 - 60 hours every week for two summers after that injury (only about 30hr/wk in winter). I had a gf and normal life and was happy but after each summer I did come to realize my back was infact getting worse.

One busy summer day I went out on a delivery and was on the truck this time instead of the roof, and it was a full truck (230 bundles or so) of some of some stupid heavy bundles of shingles (Presidential TL's). 3/4 of the way thru I felt sharp pain in my low back and the other supervisor on the roof sent down his helper to help me because he saw I was not kickin butt as normal. During this time my relationship with my gf also turned unhealthy and my self esteem was affected too in a bad way.

Not long after, I left my job, my gf and I broke up, and then my grandma who was more like a mother to me in many ways, passed away. I was 27 at this point. I ended up totaling my truck and hurt my spine/head/left arm in that accident. 1 month later I totalled my new car and hurt my back even worse/head and left arm again. I was the only person involved each time and did not recieve DUI for those wondering and cops did show up.

I was in massage school at the time too and the back injury from all the accidents made it so I could not stand long enough to give massage and I reluctantly dropped out. That was a hard blow too because as an ex addict who had his life together and in school AT LEAST after having to leave my job and the death and the breakup... I was now feeling "shipwrecked" and crippled.. Unable to do any of the activities that keep me feeling motivated (excersie, mtn biking, martial arts).

Well I managed to pull thru that depression and ended up receiving excellent physical therapy(so I thought) paid for by my auto insurance. (age 28 now). After about 8months of physical therapy and taking baby steps, I was feeling alright. It took me much longer to recover than my therapist thought it would however. She kept pushing for me to get a job.

Eventually after I thoroughly made sure I was ok to work, I got a part time job that I had to quit after a month because the pain was coming back and becoming unmanagable. I focused again solely on my back with seemingly good success. Before long I got another job and about a month there I quit that too because my back again..

So I spent all the time I could to carefully build myself up more with the same physical therapy techniques I had been doing. And again I managed to get myself feeling about as 100% as I could, I put on 15lbs of muscle and was thinking OK maybe a nother job now!!

Then about a week ago something changed in my back and I lost my ability to sleep from the pain.

Origionally the doctors and therapist kept cracking jokes that Im getting old even tho I clearly had significant injuries. I am wondering if they overlooked something.

I have never asked the Doc's for pain meds. I got 1 hour sleep last night and just a few hours the night before and no sleep again the night before that. Been like that this whole last week pretty much out of the blue..

Im 29, I am young in my book even tho the nurses and my therapist joked about my back issue as "me getting old". My personal relationships have also been strained and I mentioned all of my concerns to my doctor including anxiety and depression and he gave me a piece of paper for a pain management group. I am going out of my mind and want opium honestly but do not want to relapse, do not want to be an addict or that life.

I'm 6ft 2in, 173lbs right now. My origional MRI shows mild stenosis, spondylosis, narrowing of the central canal and herniation of disc between L3 and L4. It did seem slightly a vauge report. I eat super healthy as much as I can and stretch, do yoga, palates, still do physicall therapy, still do my best. I feel like I have another herniated disc higher up and my muscles are not that tight honestly but the pain is so bad at times I can hardly focus on simple day to day tasks.

I used to have numbness and sciatic pain in my left leg and the physical therapy helped with that a lot so I dont know why 'out of no where' my back is so pissy. I have called my doc and am waiting for a referal to get another MRI since his office all treats me like Im making up the pain at this point. Even tho I have not once asked for pain meds I feel like they are judging me as an addict or a weakling or something... I dont understand.

Any other recovered addicts here with SCI? What are your coping skills?

I forgot to mention also my breathing has been more held in the last week and my stomach is too nauseas to eat at times. I hoped marijuana would have helped with this but it doesnt.

Any helpful ideas or input of any kind is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading and for the forums. Peace

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