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Started by 156541490042845... on 06/29/2016 6:37pm

Hi everyone, My problem is I have just got hip pain in the last few days wondering if these bulging broad based would give me pain in this area, I have a disease which is Called Dish my whole spine is fused. My Ligaments melted and went into spine and turned to bone ,fused spine. I have terrible pain in my shoulders and blades. down arms to fingers,both sides and nerve pain. I want to know can you get lower back pain and hip pain from bad discs. Going to specialist soon. Lot of Pain for last 16 yrs. Pain Management for last 16 yrs every 6 months. Had Gaul bladder op pain in lower back disappeared.Been to Pain Management clinic 4 times/ 2 weeks at a time helped with exercise but have to learn to help yourself. So looking for lower back pain and in hip or if you have had these discs (as above )and hip and lower back pain have enough pain don't want any more Thanks DISH

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