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my story

Started by angelmom on 06/24/2016 9:13pm

I like alot of you am having trouble with getting a doctor to give me back my pain meds. A year and a half ago I had a positive for weed which I smoke pretty regular mostly at night. Told the NP (which I've seen for 20 yrs) that I tried medical weed cause i was really sick in the hospital with Colitis and it helped with my nausea (which is true)! Not a problem got my scripts...took a test last Dec. 2015 knew i was dirty so used fake pee...passed for weed but the doctor said the lab says it looks like you put pain meds in your urine....I came unglued....he preceeded to treat me like a a piece of shit said i was going to get in trouble from the state and that he will not give me pain meds and kicked me out of the practice! Sends a letter to my PCP and he won't the pain clinic won't my new Lupus doctor will not....what the heck is going on!!!!! I am stupid i guess...am I ever going to get them back...i am suffering from several things and i need them bad..did have another test bout month ago for my pain clinic used my fake pee ..he didn't say ya or nay just that he wasn't going to treat me with pain meds so I have an MRI and a EMG nerve test found out I have neuoropothy (spelling) the pain is unbearable at times ....so in all I have Fibro, SLE(lupus), nerop, chonic back pain, siatica and I can't get them back??? Please any input

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