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Back surgery in less than two weeks

Started by 175976381757999... on 06/24/2016 12:40am

What's the worst part of surgery?
I will have Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion L4-S1
Posterior Lumbar L-4 S-1
Decompression and Instrumented Fusion.
Has anyone had that done. Is recovety the worst part? Right now I'm in agonizing pain and I was wondering what to expect after surgery, I will be in the Hospital approximately 5 days.
Thanks for anyone that can give me the heads up on what to expect.

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I just had the same fusion surgery on my L4 L5 S1...two wks ago. I only stayed in hospital 3 days, felt great other than the normal spasms in lower back where the two incisions were. But now I have horrible burning pain in right leg near hip and it goes down to my ankle. Surgeon ordered MRI Thursday, so I am waiting. Xrays show that the screws are correctly placed and look good. If it weren't for this burning I would be feeling fabulous...and I have been in pain for over 10yrs pre op. I wish you well.


Bianca, I hope your surgery went well. I had low back surgery five years ago. I broke my back in the Gulf War but no doctors in the military, VA, or civilian did nothing for 15 years before one doc believed me and took action. All just said it was muscle and put me on large amounts of Motrin. Eight years after the accident I retired from the Navy. Ran 6 miles a day every day with terrible pain. Once a doc believed me and the neurosurgeon scheduled me for a three hour surgery it took 8.5 hours. While I was in recovery, the surgeon told my wife I was a ticking time bomb. Said I should have been paralyzed from the waist down and had I fell just right or got hit, I definitely would have been. Recovery wasn't that bad to me as I have high pain threshold. However, all these years later I am in worse pain than anytime since my injury occurred. Was told it would only continue to get worse. I have 8 rods in my lower back. I had to have the surgery but I would not recommend it to anyone. I attempted to convince my uncle not to have it but he did any ways. He regrets it after three years as he is worse off.