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Not sure if I should have surgery

Started by 914406492760@fa... on 06/22/2016 4:09pm

I feel like I have been languishing on NHS waiting lists for the last two years.......and they owe me back surgery.........

I have been waiting for a year for the surgery (I was told it would be 4 months at initial assessment). I finally got a date through, however in the mean time I think I might not need surgery now - I needed it over a year ago! I am taking Neurontin so I don't have any sciatic symptoms now - unsure if that's to do with Neurontin or healing. I still get twinges in my back when I move in a certain way, but I have heard that it doesn't really help back pain anyway. I sort of feel like I should go through with it as I have waited so long, however I don't want to go through all of this again, and would surgery reinjure my back?

What would you guys recommend?

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I had low back surgery five years ago. i would not recommend back surgery for anyone and I try to talk people I know out of it all the time. Many don't, and those who did regret it. After mine, recovery was easy and I did what the surgeon said to the tee. I am in worst pain that I ever was. It's your choice, but if you can go without I would.