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lower back surgery

Started by 102066115155548... on 06/06/2016 1:11pm

I had back surgery on Feb. 19, 2016. I know that it takes time for the nerve to settle down. I hear it a lot. The problem I'm having is if I sit for about 5 mins, my left foot turns purple. If I stand too long it will also turn purple. And now, I can't move the first 3 digits on my left foot. I have no control. I've had a Doppler done and it didn't show any blood clots in my veins. I've had a CAT scan and didn't show any blood clots so, I think the professional staff have given up on me. This just doesn't feel normal and I can't get answers because no one orders the right tests to find out why. Is there a test to check the arteries to rule out any blockage. Was a nerve nipped during surgery? I need help, I'm tired of being in pain and feeling so down!

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