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Re: Mri report I'm baffled can anybody help !please!

Started by 102076560746128... on 05/30/2016 10:13am

Hi all I recently had another mri as I had been feeling leg pain after having a discectomy in 2014 for a right l5s1 herniation at the time I had severe back pain and some leg pain not as much as this time I seem to have the worst leg pain in both legs.this is the report .
.At L5-s1 there is evidence of right laminotomy with redemonstrated right paracentral disc extrusion measuring up to 13 mm cranicaudal 9mm in Ap and 15 mm mediolateral,previously 10mm mediolateral .There is again broad abutment of the descending s1root,including close proximity to the mild degenerative right facet joint.There is again focal moderate-severe bilateral exit foraminal impringement and bilateral frontal L5 root abutment. There is expected post operative epidural enhancement without disc enhancement nor cyst attention evident.
Similar broad right descending s1 root abutment and thecal sac effacement by right paracentral disc extrusion.

Is this why I am having leg pain so bad and does it look like il need another op.thanks for any help anyone can give me .

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