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Help Needed

Started by 121891095812142... on 05/25/2016 4:14am

Hi Everyone,
I have recently moved to Brisbane from a small country town in NSW and I am finding it really difficult accessing the right doctor.
I have a degenerative spinal disease for which I take regular pain medication of Norspan patches and Endone. I have seen 3 different doctors in the past week and all refuse to give me scripts for the medication I need. I have been taking these meds for the past 6 yrs and it's the only thing that helps me manage on a daily basis.
I'm feeling very frustrated because even though I have a referral letter from my old doctor and my patient file stating what medication I need none of the doctors I've seen here seem to be taking my chronic pain seriously.
Please if anyone can help with advice it would be greatly appreciated.
Thankyou in advance

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How bad are your disks, I would keep looking for a pain management doctor to get spinal shots. Are you in the USA?