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Posted in: Back pain, and Sciatica.

8 years of great epidurals and new doc did a horrible epidural extreme pain

Started by Marymaryco on 05/22/2016 3:02am

I have had the same pain doc for 8 years He would give me. An epidural at L5/S1 I only needed one shot every 4 to 6 months. I did without anesthesia and never had pain. I would feel relief in about a day and always had a flushing in my face and chest. I hadto see a new doctor and he did an epidural today. I gave him the operation report from previous doc but I believe he shot me at L 3. It wasthe most horrendous pain I have ever felt ( I have had 3 cervical fusions so Iknow pain!) my right leg was numb for 30 minutes and nowI have had excruciating pain tonight help?

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