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Stem Cell Therapy-Lipogems

Started by Sbrookew2000 on 05/13/2016 6:43am

Hi everyone. I'm a 38 year old active female who has had persistent and worsening back pain over the last 12 years. Essentially substantial degenerative discs which will ultimately require fusion. But, I see spinal fusion as a 4 -letter word and am trying to avoid it at all costs. With that said, I'm considering an experimental stem cell therapy. Specifically I'm considering Lipogems. Has anyone had experience with Liopgems? What's the good, bad and ugly? The procedure isn't cheap but worth every penny if it buys me some time before a dreaded 3 level spinal fusion. Cause, you know, research doesn't support a 3 level fusion and I don't want to go from bad to work. Thanks in advance Spine Universe community!

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