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Started by 174948756528243... on 05/11/2016 2:23am

My Doctor recently sent me to a detox center to get off all meds. Now my chronic pain is so bad I am more or less totally unable
to function normaly but my Doctor refuses to give me amything for pain now and I have sever pain. What can I do ? Do I sit
and suffer or what. Please help I need advice.

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Dear Mary, I feel for you. Did you go to a detox center? Please do. I see that you're awake at 3:23 in the morning . You need some deep sleep to start to heal and recover.

I had a failed back fusion in 2001 whereby my spine surgeon experimented with an unapproved (FDA ) BMP's (bone morphogenetic proteins) that I believed leaked out of the graft lumbar area and infiltrated my body. I spent 11 years in horrific lumbar muscle spasm pain. I know what you're going through and you need help.

Hopefully, I can lead you to a quicker path for pain reduction with the right doctors.

Remember, I'm not a doctor but I found these items helped me. Please check with your doctor first for approval.

1. find the best pain clinic, not one that is just near your home. I went to UCLA.
2. physical therapy. pool exercises,
3. ask your doctor about removing the residual pain products from your liver. My dr. had me use Metagentic's Liver
Cleanse. ( You need a dr's approval).
4. find an Anti-Gravity chair to release pressure off your spine. I slept 3 months in my chair. check with your doctor.
5. I found that using Bengay "large" patches on both sides of my fusion reduced my pain.
6. My pain doctor had me use a drink called "Calm" which has magnesium in it and it helped reduce my
muscle spasms.
7. My doctor had me do a nerotransmitter test(Nanesco) to see how much damage my chronic stress/pain did to my
body. The test determined that I had adrenal fatigue syndrome and I was given natural products to restore items.
8. Have your doctor check your testosterone level. Constant stress reduces it. My doctor told me that both men
and women need some levels. It really helps.
9. Buy a tens unit. It can help block pain messages. I had a internal unit inplanted in 2010. It reduced the pain about

10. My doctor had me drink lots of water. Water gets oxygen into the fusion area better, reduced the pain and then
removes the toxins.
11. Breathing. Try to do breathing exercises per pulmonary specialists. constants pain reduces your intake and
12. If your mri (laying flat) doesn't indicate any problem then ask for a "standing and sitting" MRI. It will show a
better view of a compressed disk. (gravity)
13. Normal disks on a MRI should have a white color in the inside. If it is totally black then the disc might be dead.
Standing/sitting MRI's can catch this issue better.
14. Finally, after years of horrific spinal pain I was given a spinal pump pump. The pump sits inside my stomach wall
and it pumps up to 4 mg of morphine into my spinal canal. This is very dangerous but I was at the end of my
rope. I still have pain issues but I can control pain better now that ever. I don't need the 100 mg of Morphone
15. I hope that this helps.



Find another doctor!! Have yo had surgery or injections?