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Pain 5 years post surgery

Started by 100961163907458... on 05/10/2016 6:59pm

I am 36 years old, 5'10', and 160. Always been inside my bmi. I hurt my back many times throughout the years but after my second child, required a two level surgery. I had had pain directly in the discs, in the periformis, and radiating down my right leg and up my back. Fusion at l5-s1 and prosthetic at l4-l5. The first 6 months of recover was rough as the nerves were throwing a party in my legs. But after that I was able to do everything. No restrictions. I am a mom to my kids again, have gone skiing (although not this year due to no snow), fishing, exercising, the works. Suddenly Sunday ( I had a nice relaxing Mother's Day weekend, no back trauma or stress at all) I started having periformis pain and it is getting progressively worse and is radiating down my right leg and up into my hip bones. I also had a low grade fever Sunday and Monday that seems to have subsided today. I literally haven't felt this in 5 years, but it is all to familiar. I stretched today which seemed to make it worse. Walking is painful. Trying not to panic... Any suggestions?

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