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Removal of Titanium rods n screws in my back

Started by 102090877938623... on 05/02/2016 2:17pm

My back collapsed, causing a dbl. fracture, in 2013. I have 2 12"rods n 12 screws in my back. (T2-T12) Late last year the Nero-Surgeon told me the my back was totally healed. He told me all the hardware was in place. It feels like I'm walking around with an oven rack on my back. I use a cane because my back gets tired. I'm on pain meds but live with chronic pain. I have an appt. tomorrow (5/3.) I'm not going to ask him, I'm planning on begging him to take the rods out. I've heard from others that getting the rods out was the best thing they did. I know everyone's different. What I mainly want to know; about how long is the recovery from the surgery of removing the rods? Your input is greatly appreciate.

Thank you,

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Hi Sue,
I had a friend who had broken his back who had his rods removed. He said it was like freedom when the were removed. I too have Harrington rods from T1 to T12 due to a fractured T7 and T8. By the time I found out that they could be removed, I had developed too much scar tissue. Try to get off the pain meds. I only take ibuprofen 800 mg prn. I have had pain every day for 30 years. Yeah it does suck, but I got addicted to pain meds and had a hard time coming off of them. I have been off of them for 4 years now and can tell you that ibuprofen works as well as prescription pain pills. It just doesn't give you that body buzz. I'm not trying to preach to you. Sorry about that. You should see about getting them out. I'm sure it would help with the pain.


I took Ibriprofin for 4 years instead of pain meds and ended up with multiple erosions in my stomach and severe esoophageal reflux. I went back on pain meds. Just careful about the amount I take and don't increase. I am 6 weeks post c-spine surgery, discectomy n fusion of c-4,5,6. Still healing n hoping for the best. I also have L-1-l5 messed up, don't yet whether to have surgery, not affecting my legs yet but a lot of pain.