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Maybe some help to those still in pain

Started by 101534416867860... on 04/21/2016 9:48pm

Hey guys and gals. I figured I would tell you my story as it has been a long one. I am 34 years old and have already developed DDD ten years ago. I have had two ACDF surgeries, one due to comp injury with annulus tear and bulging and the other from car accident as soon as I WAS HEALED from the other one that herniated the adjacent disc and was shooting pain where I had had numbness for ten years from the other injury. Well I finally healed from those and then fell in my house. This reinjured or should I say caused a new I jury to my L5-S1 transitional disc rupturing the disc but just enough this tit could heal for a DAT or two and would become an incompetent disc over a matter of about four months. I had ALIF w/PGI about 9 months ago. I noticed that the pain was coming back ten fold very shortly after surgery and I opted to do water therapy. This was the best decision I could ever make. Please, if you can, do water therapy. It will give you tour life back. But give it about five visits to actually start getting really good. I am still on percocet 10 mg up to 4 times daily but sometimes only two times. I also take zanaflex muscle relaxers to "reset" my muscles every nigh . Due to these injuries in top of having hemorrhagic endometriosis for about 7 years, I now have fibro. There is nothing in the world that the kos me other than Lyrica. Yes it makes me foggy as hell, but I would take that over the excruciating skin pain any day. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. I have been out of work for almost 9.5 years and I even have a ten year old son (yes I was pregnant with all of these injuries). However, my pregnancy was the best I could have felt ever. But since I couldn't have anymore kids and the endo got so bad I finally found a doctor that would do a total hysterectomy at 27 years old. I know the endo has nothing to do with this site, but it has to do with having chronic pain and being at a point where you can't take it anymore. Is as on pills and patches for pain and it still wasn't helping.

have any of you developed knee and ankle pain only after the sciatic pain was gone from surgery? I have injured both ankles and knees in the past so it isn't completely surprising but all four are killing me. I walk a mile and a half almost every day. That is what keeps my body moving and actually keeps the pain down. I usually hurt for a few hours the same day of walking but it is gone the next day until after I walk again. I won't lie, I walk kinda fast for someone with my history. I walk a mile and a half in 23 minutes. I call that successful considering I couldn't walk around the block without crying. No matter the pain before my surgery I was walking four miles a day to ensure strength when I was healing. I have to say that saved me drastically. Sometimes you have to push like hell through the pain. I take a pain pill upon waking and two for bedtime. I take two muscle relaxers at bedtime. Yes Mt pain management docs know I do this. I am on the highest dose of lyrica that if I went up anymore I would be at risk of having really bad seizures. If you have any questions or answers for me, please feel free to comment. Thank you to those of you that have stuck with this , this whole time. Thank you.

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