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I broke my back and the screws in my back. Its been 16yrs now.

Started by 102090602134876... on 04/19/2016 12:11pm

I don't know what to do anymore. I broke my back in high school football . I walked on it for awhile until I found a Dr that knew I broke it. Two years after I broke it I felt relieved to be fixing a problem and soon I would be relieved. Well I ended up after surgery getting hit by a car on a motorcycle and broke the screws in my back. I'm gone to some emergency rooms to hospitals and nobody wants to go in there and remove the screws and fuse it . They are claiming that I would be doing more damage than good trying to fix the issue. Im 32 years old now and I'm so depressed I can't hold jobs longer than 3-4 months and starting from the bottom is usual labor jobs. So I have realized from my coralation pattern that I have gone from 3-7 jobs per year from the last 16 years. Call me stupid , probobaly but as a man we ten d to hide are pain and suck it up so you would say and I'm afraid I can't do it like I assumed much longer. I applied for disability and they denied me twice and I called lawyers and they won't take me on consignment due to the fact I have just tried to deal with the pain like an idiot so long that it seems to everyone on paper there's nothing wrong cause I haven't been going to doctors. I hate hospitals and dealing with doctors plus never had a lot of money so my family never went to drs unless we were dying or needed to be patched up more than super glue could fix. I guess now I'm getting worried I've pushed all frds away and all my family is deceased now so I'm freaking out cause the pain is becoming too unbearable to deal with and pills make me sick so I just sulk in pain or until I get upset or do something about it. Its become hard cause gfs don't get it nor does really anyone. If they do they are scared and pushed away due to the weirdness. People are afraid of what they don't understand or can't. So I'm writing on here to maybe be courage or seek help from others also going thru these problems I'm afraid we are the only ones who are going to understand one another since were in the same boat. I know we all have to stay strong and not give up. I'm just tired of having high expectations and dreams and not being able to reach them. So its time I lower my expectations in life make reasonable goals and work on focusing on the ways to make a job with a broken back find out if I'm just going in a wrong path. It diffenitely is hard to deal with all the depression and pain and not have anyone to talk about it with. If anyone's had or going thru similar issues and have some suggestions or maybe answers I would love to hear about them. If I can help anyone as well feel free to write. Thank you and have a great day.

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