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mri T-spine L-spine help

Started by tinpain on 04/13/2016 9:12pm

First sorry I wrote so much and thanks for reading.

Can anybody explain the following to me so I can understand whats going on with my back.

I am 31 female, no pregnancys, no accidents to speak of and i havent been able to work in the last 2 years because of the pain i am in. Doctor isnt helpful actually I have only seen my doc 1 time, they only let me see her assistant and she just refers me to other doctors for conditions im not sure i have like low thyroid levels. The overall process of getting help has me at my witts end. I have taken so many over the counter pain meds in the last 7 year (thats how long i have had back problems, but i have only been seeking medical help for about 2 1/2) I now have an ulcer. I had to tell her I cant take a drug called Mobic because it was making my stomach feel like it was on fire. She now has me on Lyrica which does nothing . She just gave me tylenol 3, 1 a day, its not helping at all. I tried P.T but when they did the traction to me I couldnt walk for 3 days after. I went back one more time and they said i had to do it again i went through with it, couldnt walk again So i quit.

Here is this years MRI report. (I only had 2 bad disc last year.)

T6-T7 There is mild disc bulding and central disc herniation/protrusion indenting the ventral thecal sac and indenting the ventral spinal cord.

T7-T8 There is mild disc bulging, indenting the thecal sac causing mild indentation of the ventral spinal cord.

T8-T9 There is a small right central disc protrusion/herniation indenting the ventral thecal sac.

L3-L4 There is minimal disc bulging and minimal left central protrusion.

L4-L5There is a shallow broad-based disc herniation/protrusion indenting the venteal thecal sac

L5-S1 Mild disc bulging is noted, with right central/subarticular disc herniation/protrusion, indenting the ventral epidural space and abutting the right descending S1 nerve root. Loss of intervertebral disc height along with bilateral facet arthropathy have contributing to mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.

Any help decoding the above is greatly welcomed. I copied exactly what was on the report.

Why do some of them say hern/protrusion and others reverse it?

Is the ones indenting the spinal cord ok?

I seen a neurologist last year who basically said if I didnt want surgery why was I there? He didnt explain anything. I have an apt with a new neuro but not for almost 2 months.

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